Deere Electric is capable of handling most any electrical challenge you may have.  Being in business for30+ years has given us the opportunity to gain years of experience in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.  Feel free to email or call us with your request and we will respond in as much detail as possible.

A trusted company, with a proven record of honest, dependable service.  Owner, Tom Deere, takes special care to quote as accurate as possible to eliminate surprise costs!  Take a look at our Cost vs Price page.

Deere Electric has started to offer services on the Internet to give our customers a way to communicate and get information during business hours or after we are closed.  We strive to meet the needs of all of our customers and want to make sure our customers always come first.  We do this by making sure our quality standards are more than you would expect.  We can do this because our attention to the details that are important to you are also important to us.

You will only find straight conduit, plug covers that are level, well marked wires, etc. when working with Deere Electric electricians.  Our quotes are detailed, and most often include electrical necessities that may be overlooked by the architect or builder.  Experience has shown us what to look for in prints or customer requests, and anticipate future needs.  This may mean you will pay a little more at the outset of the project, but will have less surprise expenses at the end of the job... which is what most people fear when collecting quotes.

Many of our customers have been serviced by us since the beginning of our electrical contracting business.  This longevity speaks highly of the respect and trust our customers have in us.  Some of those customers and affiliates are listed on this RESUME page.

Many of our employees over the years have earned their journeyman certification while attending courses through ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors).   Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national association representing 25,000 merit shop construction and construction-related firms in 79 chapters across the United States. ABC's membership represents all specialties within the U.S. construction industry and is comprised primarily of firms that perform work in the industrial and commercial sectors of the industry.

Keeping an open invitation for qualified employees helps us fill the gap when the work exceeds our current employee roster.  If you are interested in being put on our job list, please see the EMPLOYMENT page for details.  We would love to talk with you and keep your invitation in our files for future reference.

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